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Joan of Arc Notre DameCast: 2 women / 3 men

Joan’s Laughter premiered in May 2012 at Chicago’s side project theatre, directed by Cecilie Keenan

Copies of the script are available for Kindle (and free Kindle app for phone, tablet, or computer) on Jacob’s Amazon page!

Based on a recently discovered 1431 document written by Church authorities that claims Joan of Arc repented and returned to the Church in her final moments, Joan’s Laughter tells the unknown story of Joan of Arc’s last ninety minutes. The historical document reveals the possibility of a young woman very different from what Shaw or Schiller knew when they wrote their accounts of Joan’s life. In Joan’s Laughter, her trial is over; her fate is sealed. Joan of Arc will be burned as a relapsed heretic at dawn. But should she listen to the priest who says she can save her soul by repudiating her Voices? To the nun who wants her to accept her fate as a final trial from God? To the guards who blame her for their suffering on the battlefield? Or should she continue to assert her Voices were from God despite their silence? From its historical inspiration, Joan’s Laughter explores the abandonment we all feel in our darkest moments.

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