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Script here: Juntunen – Hath Taken Away 4-5

2 W / 1 M

Dorothea is a young, Midwestern Evangelical whose faith and steadfast love for her best friend, Lucy, and new husband, John, are put to the test by her child-to-be. Faced with medical complications that leave Dorothea and her pregnancy at risk, these three characters must make decisions that rupture the boundaries between their religious beliefs and complicated feelings for one another. This feminist modernization of the biblical Book of Job places a woman in the center of the tale, draping her story in hauntingly spare and richly poetic language. In the end, no one is left unscathed.

Much as Sarah Ruhl modernized and put Eurydice at the heart of the Orpheus myth, Hath Taken Away is a feminist retelling of the biblical Book of Job set in the modern-day U.S. midwest. The typical understanding of Job’s story is that of a man tested. He loses his wealth, wife, and children, but is eventually rewarded with new family and riches in exchange for unwavering faith. But what of Job’s wife who God allowed to die simply to test the male protagonist? She doesn’t even warrant a name. Hath Taken Away challenges the nameless suffering and interchangeability of women that often inhabits classic tales of male morality.

Semi-finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference; finalist for the Activate Midwest Theatre Conference and for March Forth Productions Summer Series.

The script has had readings at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum, and Chicago Dramatists.

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