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Aug 26 / jacob

Entering Playwriting MFA Program at Ohio University

In early September, I will begin Ohio University’s Professional Program in Playwriting. Starting soon, I’ll be posting short plays every Monday morning on my new blog Riposte to the World — subscribe now!

And, in other major news, I now live on a horse farm. This is what I see when I walk outside my house:


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  1. Maryellen O'Shaughnessy / Nov 9 2011

    Jacob! How are you? Enjoying fall in Ohio? Welcome! Please be in touch, and we will figure away to get together. You and Meghan must come up and see your Ohio cousins here in Columbus.

    And we haven’t yet had the opportunity to compare notes from our Finnish trips.

    I am at, or

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    cousin Maryellen

  2. David Izzo / Jun 16 2012

    I am chairing a panel on Kushner at the SAMLA in Durham NC in November.
    Would you be interested?

  3. Elizabeth Luby / Jun 26 2012

    Jacob: your cup runneth over, a horse farm in Ohio? how perfectly lovely, unless you have to clean up after them! so happy for you. Once upon a time (my first year) a PHD from here went to OSU: Assunta Kent, a definite product of her times (hippy) but a really sweet committed academic.

    Please send me your present email, I’m sending out big hugs to all of you who contributed to my very precious “Hi, Liz” cd. What a treat!

  4. jacob / Jul 30 2012

    Hi David,
    I just saw this comment. I imagine it’s too late now, but e-mail me if you’re still interested:

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