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May 1 / jacob

Belarusian Dream Theater

On March 25, 2014, my play See Him? was part of the Belarusian Dream Theater: 25 playwrights collaborating with 18 theaters in 13 countries to simultaneously produce plays raising awareness about the human rights violations in Belarus.

The theaters could decide which plays they wanted to stage, and I was flattered that See Him? was chosen by seven theaters: Stage Left Theatre (Chicago, USA), SIU Playwriting and the SIU Department of Theater (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA), TLS Frankfurt (Germany), European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania), the Global Theatre Project (Los Angeles, USA), the Global Theatre Project (Florence, Italy), and the Troika Collective (Vancouver, Canada).

The script is on Riposte to the World, and an annotated version is on Poetry Genius. The Belarusian Dream Theater is the first time the site has included scripts.
What can you do to help Belarus? Check out Amnesty International’s Belarus page.
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